For 40 years I have pushed the limits of the technology given me to find new and innovative ways to make drafting and design work processes easier and share more information.   This site is a service point to share that accumulated knowledge; as well as to link with others to continually broaden the knowledge and resources for the engineering design process.

For the last 15 years I have had multiple requests to share the knowledge and best practices upon which to set up a truly efficient 3D cad environment.  This site is dedicated to serve as a work place to share that knowledge along with many tips and tricks to help make the 3D CAD experience easier and more productive.  Where much of this site will contain how to’s and tricks to work with various CAD software’s, it is not the intent of this site to promote any one software over another or provide any software solicitation.  The sole purpose of of this site is to share the knowledge of innovation in order to push the boundaries of software well beyond what is supplied the out of the box.   It is my hope that this site will inspire others to share their own knowledge and experiences.  I serve an open invitation to those like me, that can not settle with out of the box, but constantly see more beyond the design horizon.  Together we can take 3D design to a world class solution.

A Little about me:  From my first career position, I was never trained in the knowledge of only one facet of project design and construction.  I was trained to work in all facets of the engineering area; estimating, engineering, design, procurement, fabrication and project management.  I have been multi-discipline trained in both commercial and industrial project applications. My career began in 1976 on the drawing board as an estimator, journeyman structural steel detailer and project manager.  In 1984 my CAD career continued as a Civil, Structural and Architectural Designer along with project management for a commercial and industrial design build contractor.  This was my first true indoctrinated into the world of 3D. In 1990 I was nominated for a National Architectural Restoration of the year award. Later I took my skills into larger Engineering firms expanding my knowledge of multiple CAD platforms, engineering processes, project management and custom programming.  Today I am CAD Administrator for a Steam and Power Engineer firm located in Kennesaw, Georgia.  I serve on the Autodesk Plant 3D customer and expert council and serve as consultant to the Autodesk Plant 3D and Project Calgary development teams.  Where I do not intend for this site as a solicitation point for any company or software, I certainly do solicit extraordinary talent any time I get the opportunity. 

Let’s strive to make ourselves better every day.


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