It is never “EVER” the software’s fault. There is not perfect software. All software has it’s own glitches and things we wish it did better or differently. I have had people come to me on a regular basis and tell me that “The software changed all my xref pathing”, or “The software changed all the values on my dimension”, “This program sucks because it just lost all my data” etc, etc, ect. I have been using and developing CAD platforms for decades and never once has it the software on it’s own suddenly decided to change someone’s data. Can files become corrupt, yes. It is the nature of the beast using vector software’s. But programs don’e just change things. Most of the time the real cause is an accidental setting change or lack of maintenance or very long periods between saves.
Solution: Take ownership of your files. Don’t fly through you work. Be aware of how your system works and all it’s settings. Audit your drawing files, Audit your database projects, and save often.

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